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The Cayman Islands are the world's 5th largest banking centre and the corresponding banking and financial business sector, has a very strong presence on the island. The tight Monetary Authority guidelines and regulations are in compliance with the OECD's (Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation) requirements and a 'know your customer' policy is stringently practiced.

Although there are approximately 500 banks in Cayman, only a few are licensed to do retail business. The retail banks service the real estate requirements of the local population, and also help overseas residents to finance their real estate purchases. They offer telephone and internet banking services, including the ability to order drafts, arrange wire transfers, check on accounts etc. They also have a wide network of ATM's, located island wide.

Interest rates do vary between 1 and 3% above New York Prime so it is wise to look around. Variable or fixed interest rates are available. The usual term for a mortgage is 15 to 30 years, with deposits ranging from between 5 to 30%, depending on the individual's status etc.

The individual banks will be able to advise you in greater detail regarding your financing requirements.

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